A mockup of what the software's user interface looks like

GPS solutions to keep your team safe

$10/device/month - Basic GPS supports GPS tracking, with access via web browser or android / apple apps, native map integration
$15/device/month - Comprehensive GPS tracking, adds geofencing, SOS, emergency notifications to app, google map and satellite integration

Can support integrating additional devices such as Tier2 networks and cellular devices if required for a “single pane of glass” solution for multiple networks
* some additional hardware / networking may be required to integrate other networks, contact for details

You can also install an application called Fleet on your mobile.

GpsGate Fleet provides mobile access to GpsGate Server for managers and operators.
GpsGate Server is a real-time GPS tracking and fleet management platform. It's customizable, scalable, and available both in the cloud and for on-site hosting.
GpsGate is used worldwide by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, sales & service organizations, and other companies with mobile workers.

Download Fleet from the Apple App Store, or through Google Play.

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