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Trilogy Network.

Trilogy is a centralized company that works together bringing regional communication network operators together and combine their services to organically grow infrastructure and ultimately improve the communication facilities in New Zealand for everyone to enjoy.

Our mission.

To provide New Zealand with an independently owned nation-wide communications network, that is supported locally by robust businesses that share the same values as we do.
We believe that many networks working together with strong local support, is unbreakable and this very unique way of developing business relationships is proving to be a winner with us kiwis.
We have already signed partnership agreements with a number of locally owned communication networks and we are enjoying the fresh approach to coverage sharing. When its vital your communication gets through its critical you talk to us.

Trilogy DMR Radio Coverage.

Current North Island coverage – South Island coverage

Or contact us with your specific requirements now.

Our DMR network proudly Powered by Tait communications. – Your Critical Communications Partner